The standard width of wall panel is 60cm and produced as male and female sides. Polyurethane foam used to connect both male and female side. Each panel fixed by using metal L profiles to the floor and on a ceiling.

At the Beginnings starts with the starting wall panel (both side female) and fixed to the another wall or column) by using the metal U profile. Starting panel widths can be 20 cm / 30 cm / 40 cm and 60 cm. The starting wall panels also used to scale the length of the walls.

For example, if the wall length is 440 cm long, we used 7 pieces of 60cm standart wall panel and 1 piece of 20cm starting wall panels. For the installation of doors we use the standard 15 cm bot side female wall panel. The door lintel is fixed to the upper profiles.

Installation of windows or French balconies, upper and lower side lintons are installed by linton profiles.

The walls which has Fibercement or gypsum board outer layers used in the wet spaces, our walls are smoothly and more quickly installed for plumbing materials. After the installation of the walls, the walls are cutted by spiral to the dimension os the the pipe and cut-off portion is taken out.

The resulting space is used as the installation space. After the installation process is completed, the pipe above the tiles covered with a cement-based material.

You will see the installation stages by starting from the first picture to next one.

You will watch the movie for installation details.