Auxiliary elements, tools and equipments  are used to mount Duvarmatik products. They have a perfect fit to Duvarmatik product materials for use in subsequent processes.

Installation Profiles

Mounting L profile used for fixing of each panel to the floor or a ceiling. Width of the profile is equal to the thickness of the EPS or Rock wool.

Mounting U-profile used only at the beginning of the wall to secure the first panel. Width of the profile is equal to the thickness of the EPS or Rock wool.

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Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is used at the joint of the panels with each other, at the other wall joints and ceiling joints. Another benefit is prevents the audio and thermal bridges.

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Nail Gun

Nailing machine puts the nail from 15 mm -35 mm concrete and steel surfaces in a quick and easy way. Makes installation fast.

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Mounting Stud

Concrete nails are 20-25-30-35mm and can be applied smoothly to the concrete rigid plate. Each box has 500 pieces of nails and gas tube. Steel nails are 15mm and 25mm and can be applied to 4mm / 8mm thick metal. min.

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Gypsum Board Dowels

Driva dowels has been designed specifically for Gyprum Boards. USed with 4,5 / 35 mm screws . Carries the weight of 18kg vertically. Used to fix not too heavy objects (TV, air conditioning, boiler and so on.) to the wall.

Also you can use HILTI HHD-S dowels.

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Duvarmatik Derz Macunu

Duvarmatik derz dolgu macunu, elastik özelliği sayesinde derz çatlaklarını minumum seviyelere indirir. Derz filesi kullanma zorunluluğu ortadan kalkar. 1 mt derz için yaklaşık 200gr macun kullanılır.

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