ROCKWOOL as a filling material for heat and sound insulation capability, the outer layers GYPSUM BOARD (Green, Red, Burgundy) or Fibercement produced using the ready to install interior / exterior walls. Fireproof, Light weight, can be extremely fast installation, at the same time provide sound and heat insulation and rigid structure (after installation as a whole is the entire wall surface) is preferred in the structures.

Rock wool fibers are specially cut and glued to the panel vertically.

Each wall panels secured to the floor and the ceiling by special mounting components and Rock wool filled wall become extremely resistant.
Instead of the outer layer of Gypsum Board; green, red or burgundy board or fibercement plaster will be used for different solutions for wet areas and other necessities.

By using Duvarmatik special silicone sealant, joints may be retained for many years without cracking. In addition, no need for the mesh band.

● Standard wall thickness is 10 cm. Between 6cm and 20cm can be produced upon request.
● Standard wall width is 60cm.
● Door / window lintel is produced in different production price rates
● Standard wall length is 250cm. From 150cm up to 320cm special size can be produced on the basis of the project. Using steel frame system and add on top of wall, we can reach to 15 m length.
● Gypsum Plate thickness is 18 mm. The minimum thickness could be 9.5mm for EPS and minimum 15mm for Rock wool. Fibercement and Dragonboard thickness can be at least 8 mm.
● The density can be (80-150 kg/m3) for Rockwool and (16-24 kg/m3) for EPS.
● Rock wool fibers are cut specially and glued to the panel vertically.
● Average thickness of panels tolerance: + - 1 mm, respectively.
● The walls may become the conduit and PVC conduit be placed in this space during the production process.
● The number of channels must be specified when ordering cable and the factory must be confirmed.

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