Exterior Wall consists of Rockwool filled part as a wall layer and EPS filled part as a thermal insulation layer.

ROCKWOOL as a filling material for heat and sound insulation capability, the outer layers GYPSUM BOARD (Green, Red, Burgundy) or Fibercement, OUTWEAR, AQuapanel etc. produced using the ready to install exterior walls. This part creates the sound and heat insulation capability.

Exterior Thermal Sheathing Layer is already on the walls exterior layer filled with EPS and Fibercement to isolate the parts of the other places as well (table concrete, columns). The main body mounted with zero at the level of the concrete table, EPS filled Thermal Insulation Layer is mounted on the outward flood. When the installation of the exterior walls finished, screed concrete and columns are in an inner depth of the EPS filled Thermal Insulation Layer. Then, use Heat Insulation Boards mounted on the outside of this space and the entire building is guaranteed to be

Such as lightweight structure, thermal and acoustic insulation ability, fast assembly abilities and extremely valuable pluses, Exterior walls can be used in all buildings. Exterior wall panels interior sides can be produced as Green Gypsum Board or Fiberecement upon request.

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